DekmarTrades #1 goal is to create successful self-sufficient traders. Join our community of successful traders who have an advantage on the stock market by using DekmarTrades powerful trading tools. Watch as you will consistently profit with our trading strategy as you trade side by side with DekmarTrades everyday over our Live Trading Stream. Receive alerts from our team along with other experienced profitable traders, stay ready for the next big breakout as DekmarTrades Alert Box will give you every entry and exit for your upcoming trade, and acquire the highest level of trading education as DekmarTrades will go over live trading lessons everyday.

“90% of day traders fail because of lack of market knowledge and lack of profiting consistently, so who is the 10% who consistently profit and has the most credible day trading success?”

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  • James Bass,

    On my first day of DekmarTrades, I witnessed a profit of $3600 if I would have pulled the trigger. I decided to sit back and watch to... James Bass

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  • George Books,

    Very passionate trader, his live commentaries are the bees knees. His desire’s to make true traders out of everyone in the chat room. Very hard act to... George Books

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  • Daniel Wood,

    I’m very new to day trading. What I mean to say is I’ve dabbled in the market before, mostly using the pay and pray technique. You probably... Daniel Wood

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