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Welcome to DekmarTrades Affiliate Program!

Sign up and be an Affiliate for DekmarTrades and get Paid Monthly!

Do you have a large following and want to be an affiliate?
Being an Affiliate for DekmarTrades is an easy way to make extra cash every month. Here is how it works.

1. Apply to be a DekmarTrades Affiliate by clicking the link above

2. Get your own access link that you will share with your following.

3. When anyone clicks that link they will be attached to your affiliate program for 30 days. If they sign up within 30 days through your link you will have a subscriber under your name.

4. Each affiliate will receive 20% of payment for every member.


20% of $60 a month is $12.

If you get 9 people to sign up, DekmarTrades will pay you $108!

If you get 50 people to sign up, DekmarTrades will pay you $600!

The more subscribers you bring, The bigger the payments will be!


Please Contact us with any questions. We are looking forward to working with you!