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8 Things to Do When The Stock Market Is Slow

  1. Watch Video Lessons Watching Video Lessons is extremely beneficial to become a successful trader. If you want to trade like a pro, watch how a pro trades. Watching live trade recaps/video lessons will prepare you mentally on what you will be getting into it. No matter how badly you want to hop in…
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Top 10 Reasons Why Rookie Stock Traders Fail

A lot of traders open small account ready to trade stocks for the first time. Within the first year over 50% of these traders will lose their accounts. Below is the top reasons why we see new traders lose. Thinks Stock Trading Is Easy Does Not Have A Passion For Trading Greed Takes Over Does…
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9 Different Ways To Trade The Stock Market!

1. Buy Low Sell High When you think of Stock Trading this is what you think of. Buying a stock low and selling it at a higher price. This is also known as "Going Long" on a stock. When buying low and selling high, one of the most important indicators to look at is the…
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How To Start Stock Trading!

When someone gets interested in Stock Trading they hear of the great stories about people changing their financial status and how much traders can make in a single day, but they do not know where to start. The Stock Market has so much information and as a new trader, this can look like a foreign…
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