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What Every Stock Trading Setup Should Have

Follow the list below to have a complete Day Trading Setup: 1. Computer 2. 2- 3 Monitors 3. High Quality Internet (WiFi or Cable) 4. Back Up Computer 5. Professional Scanners 6. Online Broker Platform 7. Comfy Office Chair 8. News Streamer 9. TV and Speakers
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15 Things All Successful People Do!

Many successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, Stock Traders, etc all have very similar traits/habits that they do everyday. These traits may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, but they statistically show that these people have a higher financial income, intelligence, and/or work drive over people who do not practice these habits. 1. Exercise Exercise is…
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8 Things To Do When The Stock Market Is Slow

  1. Watch Video Lessons Watching Video Lessons is extremely beneficial to become a successful trader. If you want to trade like a pro, watch how a pro trades. Watching live trade recaps/video lessons will prepare you mentally on what you will be getting into it. No matter how badly you want to hop in…
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Top 10 Reasons Why Rookie Stock Traders Fail

A lot of traders open small account ready to trade stocks for the first time. Within the first year over 50% of these traders will lose their accounts. Below is the top reasons why we see new traders lose. Thinks Stock Trading Is Easy Does Not Have A Passion For Trading Greed Takes Over Does…
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