Live Trading Stream and Chat Rooms

Trade side by side and chat with some of the most experienced traders in the market through DekmarTrades three different Trading Chat Rooms. Receive live alerts from the DekmarTrades team on what stocks to watch, stocks currently breaking out, entry and exit points, and the next big play. Discover new trading strategies as you socialize and meet new traders everyday through DekmarTrades 600+ member community. Our trading community is very diverse as we have specialist in day trading, swing trading, and long term investing.

Four Trading Chat Rooms

Welcome to the big leagues. DekmarTrades offers four different trading chat rooms to help with your trading strategy. Trading Chat, Public Chat, Swing Chat, Profits Chat.

Support Chat Room

Building self-sufficient traders is our #1 goal. DekmarTrades is one of the only stock trading services that gives their traders one on one instruction and training when needed. We believe one on one support with professional traders is a key component to making successful self-sufficient traders in today’s market. Every individual trader has their own unique trading strategy with their own strengths and weakness. DekmarTrades is here to help you master your trading strategy while helping you fix any problems you may come across.

Live Trading Stream

Watch as the DekmarTrades team trades live with you every morning. Trade side by side with our experienced traders and hear commentary from experience traders as Dekmar will give you in depth stock analysis on every future trade. The live stream also features Trade Ideas Scanner so you know exactly what you should be trading at all times!

Current Watch List

DekmarTrades Current Watch List updates updates every 30 seconds and is connected to our charting software. One of the biggest parts of trading is knowing when to trade and what to trade. DekmarTrades current watch list will tell you exactly that at all times throughout the day. By clicking on individual stocks in our watch list, you will see a visual of that stocks daily chart so you can get a better understanding on why it is being alerted.

Alert Box

DekmarTrades Alert Box will show you the exact stock you should be trading and the exact way to trade it. DekmarTrades Alert Box will give you the following: Long or Short trade, entry price point you should enter your trade, price point where you should have your stop loss, price point where you should exit your trade. DekmarTrades alerts are put in the alert box before the stock makes its move and as the stock approaches the desired entry price that specific alert will flash either green for a 'long' trade or red for a 'short' trade.

SMS Alerts

Trade on the go and never miss a trade. DekmarTrades will notify you when a big play is about to happen. No matter where you are, you will always be on top of your game.

The Chatrooms

Trading Chat

Trading Chat is strictly for stock alerts, entry/exit points, hot press releases, and the next big move.

Public Chat

Public Chat is a chance to talk to new traders about their trading strategy, receive help from team traders, or discuss any stock related talk. It is a chat room to connect with new traders and ask any questions you may have.

Swing Chat

Swing Chat is an area to discuss great swing trades for overnight holds for large gap up and gap down potential. It is a private chat room for all swing traders to communicate.

Profits Chat

Profits Chat is where our traders post their profits, along with their entry and exits on DekmarTrades last alert. Profits Chat is the chat room that all traders want to post in. We have seen profits from $100 to over $10,000 on one trade alone.

Morning Newsletter

Take your trading knowledge to an all time high, as the DekmarTrades Morning Newsletter will have everything you need to start your trading day.

  • Daily Market Briefing
  • Pre-Market Gap Up Scan
  • Recap of Previous Stock Pick's
  • Stock Picks Of The Day
  • Stocks To Short
  • Stocks To Watch
  • Chart Setups Ready for Breakouts
  • Brand New Press Releases
  • OTC Stocks To Watch
  • Pre Market Movers
  • Top 10 Current Hottest Stocks
  • Previous Day Top Gainers
  • Previous Day Top Losers
  • Most Active Penny Stocks
  • Penny Stocks Earning Reports
  • Free Video Training Lessons