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DekmarTrades Stock Simulator

Take your trading to the next level

100% Real Time

Pure simulation of the market, 100% real time data, no delay! Trade like it’s a live account without risking any money.

DAS Trader Pro

DAS is a market data provider for the CBSX, Nasdaq OMX, NYSE/ARCA, Direct Edge, OTC Markets, CBOE/OPRA and BATS.

Track your results

Access to trading reports in order to track and measure your progress as a trader over time (including simulated market and broker fees).

Level 2 Market Depth

Access to trading reports in order to track and measure your progress as a trader (including simulated market and broker fees).
Being able to practice your trading in a trade simulator is an essential key to mastering your trading strategy. Our trade simulator will give you a virtual $100,000 account for you to be able to practice, prepare, and profit in the market. Try out new strategies and find out what type of trading style works for you all in real time data, 100% risk free. DekmarTrades trade simulator is equipped with top of the line charting software, level 2 quotes, live news feed, ability to create watch list and more. The trading simulator is highly customizable so you can feel comfortable while you are trading. Prepare, Practice, Profit!
  • Nasdaq highest approved platinum certified financial trading software in this world.
  • Level 2 Market Depth
  • Collocated Order Executions
  • Regional, Totalview, ARCA, and BATS Book
  • Direct Access Order Routing
  • Multiple Stop Types
  • Real-Time Account Management
  • Supports Multiple Monitors
  • Advanced Charting
  • Trade Equities and Options


Stock Simulator

Stock Simulator Charting