I love this chat! Yesterday I played $ATV for a few minutes and made around $570 and today I played $ONTX for another few minutes and made $140. With my job I do not have a lot of time to watch the Markets and scan for stocks. Seeing the alerts in chat saves me a lot of time finding possible plays. I tend to take profits too early, but that is much better than no profits. I have made a year's worth of membership fees in 2 days, definitely well worth it!

My account was down roughly 30% before joining this group, but I have climbed back to less than 10% down now. The main thing limiting me right now is my small account, I can only use 3 day trades a week. If I can grow my account above 25k and get past the day trading rule, then the possibilities will be endless! Growing Slow and steady is my goal, I am finally getting over the thought that I need to win big every time.

Harry Shears ,