7 Keys To Becoming Successful Today!

Everyone wants to be successful in life. Follow these 7 key points to reach your goals.

1. Be Passionate

This is hands down the most important point in this article, be passionate on what you do. If you do not have a passion or a love for your craft than you will never be able to reach the level of success you are striving for. Having a passion to succeed will make you want to learn more, you will be self motivated to put in the extra work, and you will have more will-power to keep pushing forward until you reach your goals rather than to give up and fail.

If you do not have a passion, giving up is easy. When you are passionate about reaching your certain goals failure is not an option in your mind.

2. Be Willing To Work Harder Than Your Competition

This is a competitive world and if you are not willing to outwork your competition you will never be noticed and you will always be one step behind. Out working your competition means putting more hours of work into your craft/business, staying up late and waking up earlier, and studying harder on what is going to push you forward. Competition is what drives a person to hit their potential and go even higher. When starting off, find the most successful person/business you see in the same field you are looking at and do not stop until you beat them.

3. Be Different

If you want to be successful, you need to be different and get away from the norm. Being different is what will make you stand out rather than being the same as everyone else. Yes, it is great to look at a successful mentor and copy his successful habits as a starting point and foundation, but for you to find your own success, you must be willing to find your own personal strengths.

4. Invest Your Time

Time is your biggest asset in life. It does not matter if you are rich, middle class, or poor. Time is something you can never get back the moment it passes. It constantly keeps moving and every second that passes is a missed opportunity. If you want to be successful, you do not have time to waste. Watching TV, partying, playing video games, and sleeping over large time spans is all a giant waste of time when you can be working on mastering your craft.

I personally feel guilty when I watch TV. As a full time stock trader, I feel like I can be studying patterns, watching seminars, reading books. When I watch TV, I know another trader is putting in more work than I am.

“Let the fear of failure drive your success.”

5. Do Not Relax When You Make It

Congratulations, you reached your goal. You have made a million dollars, now what? Its time to get back to work/studying. To many times the slightest amount of success will slow down the strong drive and passion you once had. Let the accomplishment of your goals only push you even more to achieve the goals you didn’t think were possible at first.  Just because you hit your first set of goals does not mean you turn off the switch and its time to relax. You are only starting and now is the time to kick it up a notch and take your success to the next level.

6. Write Your Goals Down

This sounds unnecessary, but it will definitely help you reach your goals. It does not matter what your goals are, the fact that you will see them written down or hung up on a wall everyday will be a constant reminder of how motivated you were to reach those goals. Seeing the words “Lose 20 pounds before summer” or “Make $10,000 in the next 3 months” on your wall is a huge motivator.

7. Love What You Do

The joy of loving what you do will make all the steps come in line. There is no better feeling waking up and going to a work place where you are passionate, motivated, and excited for the day to start . For myself, I get to wake up and trade stocks with the #1 trading chat room around at DekmarTrades. Everyday I am eager to wake up to work and Monday is the best day of the week in my book.

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  1. Feels good to be apart of Dekmar Trades!! I have finally found a mentor/community/friend that shares the same Passion, Drive and Focus for stocks as I do. Not only have I EARNED alot, I have LEARNED alot as well. Thanks Sean Dekmar!!!! Not only do I follow these 7 key points, I DOUBLE UP on them!!! "BANKZ"
  2. kriszalei08
    Thank you Sean... it inspired me a lot..
  3. Excellent, thank you for the article.
  4. Sean has been a mentor and a master at his craft ..you are who you hang with..and I'm glad to be hanging with dekmar trades. It's very rare you find a mentor like Sean who wants to help other people achieve success like himself. Everyday I wake up excited and can't wait to get on and check out what dekmar trades alerts are. I have always been passionate about stock trading but really didn't have a clue how to trade until I met Sean. I have turned into a person trying to help others to and explain to them that if you put in the study and discipline you can to achieve success . Thanks Sean for the person you are and what you bring I hope you will always be around ..you have changed my life in so many ways. Dekmar trades rocks

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