Top 10 Reasons Why Rookie Stock Traders Fail

A lot of traders open small account ready to trade stocks for the first time. Within the first year over 50% of these traders will lose their accounts. Below is the top reasons why we see new traders lose.

  1. Thinks Stock Trading Is Easy
  2. Does Not Have A Passion For Trading
  3. Greed Takes Over
  4. Does Not Cut Losses Quickly
  5. Does Not Practice
  6. Starts With Too Small Account Size
  7. Does Not Have The Right Mentor
  8. Does Not Trade the Right Times
  9. OverTrades
  10. Does Not Have Confidence

2 Responses

  1. Starting with too small of an account value is a negative trait? I know it offered some restrictions but because I have really felt strong about trading I've upped my trading portfolio to over 25k so I can have more freedom to trade throughout the day and have more control over my positions. You think that's a smart move?
  2. Thank u!

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