Top 7 Things Every New Day Trader Should Know!

1. You Will Not Become Rich Overnight.

  • Success does not come overnight, it takes months to years before you hit the financial gain you are looking for. If you want to be successful work hard and stop at nothing, It will come with time.

2. Losing Is Part Of The Game.

  • Every Stock Trader will lose now and then, simple as that. Nobody will win 100% of the time. The most important thing as a trader to do is to cut losses early and let your big gains run. As long as you are keeping your losses small, every win you have will make up for that loss. Do not get frustrated over a few small losses.

3. You Must Study Before You Trade.

  • Trading stocks is like anything else in life. If you want to be great at it, you have to be willing to work on it. Watch Videos, Study Patterns, and Paper Trade are great ways to prepare yourself for real stock trading. If you know nothing about stock trading and start trading right away, don't be surprised if you lose. Trading takes practice to be great at.

4. Penny Stocks Can Become Manipulated.

  • Penny Stocks can be very sketchy sometimes. They are low priced and with a large enough crowd these stocks can become manipulated. The most important thing to remember is to only buy stocks that have a credible reason for spiking. Stocks spike for one of two reasons, either news came out or it has a great chart pattern. If a stock spikes for no reason, do not buy it. It will crash.

5. Find a Mentor You Can Trust.

  • DekmarTrades is the home to over 300 traders all being pushed to their highest trading potential. We walk you through every trade, give live trading commentary every morning and afternoon, have free video lessons, and will work with you one on one if you need it. We are here to help you not only make money in the Stock Market, but to make money consistently.

6. There Is More Than One Way To Profit In The Stock Market.

  • If one strategy does not work for you that is fine. There are many ways to profit in the Stock Market, you can do long term investing, swing trades, playing earnings reports, bounce plays, momentum, shorting, etc. Its all about finding what fits you best!

7. Just Because a Stock Spikes Does Not Always Mean Buy It.

  • There are thousands of stocks, if you buy everyone that moves you will be losing your account very quick. Be a stock sniper. Wait for your predictable trade, make a trading plan, then execute.

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  1. Patrick
    It takes time to develop your trading stomach. As you do stocks move a little slower.
  2. Great Commentary!

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